Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Formula, Pt. 3 - purchasing ingredients

Perhaps it will be helpful for some to know where I usually purchased the ingredients for the formula. It took me a little while to actually compare online companies but I was glad when I finally did for it saved me some cost in the long run.

Here is where everything came from -
Org. Coconut Oil, 32oz $24.95
Org. Sunflower Oil, 17oz $14.95
Org. Butter Oil (unflavored), 8.1oz $59.95
Org. Fermented Cod Liver Oil (unflavored), 8oz $43.95
Nutritional Yeast Mini Flakes, 16oz $17.45
Acerola Powder, 2/6oz $9.98
Lactose, 6/16oz pkgs. $23.54 ($3.92 each)
Natren Life Start, 2.5oz $19.31   --  (or from for $17.29)
Pure Beef Gelatin, 14oz $12.79

Health Food Store/ Whole Foods
Organic unfiltered Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - price varied

My raw pasture-fed milk and cream came from a local food co-operative of family farms.
1 Gal. Raw Goats Milk, $12.00
1 Gal. Raw Cows Milk, $7.00
1 Qt. Raw Cows Cream, $13.50

You can search here for co-ops that provide raw milk in your area:

And the Whey was homemade!


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